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  I'm re-launching my Picture Archive Offer on my soap sites to include all the latest images from the last couple of years, some 153,000, from all the soap sites and a massive 388,000 in total.

So please check out the Picture Archive Offer if you like the images on this site and want them all without having to view every single one individually online. Plus you also get all those other images.

See the offer here: Tarty Doris Picture Archive - or check out the 'Offer' link in the left and below link bars. 

Latest - There are 82 new images with this update from the last week of Eastenders including: Anna Acton, Danielle Harold, Diane Parish, Jacqueline Jossa, Kellie Bright, Lorna Fitzgerald, Maddy Hill, Rakhee Thakrar, Rebecca Scroggs, Shona McGarty & Tanya Franks.

An ok week for the Eastenders babes this time.

Highlight of the week this time has to be Jacqueline Jossa. She has by far the most new images at 31 and was looking quite cute in a short skirt at the start of the week and a sexy dress at the end of the week.

What's happening with Patrick at the moment? Has he had a stroke or something? There was that incident the previous week where he collapsed, when I thought he was having a heart attack. Then since then he keeps looking at his face and having funny turns. I think because strokes make you lose mobility on one side of your body I think it is more likely to be that that heart problems as I think Patrick is supposed to be noticing his face drop on one side. Curious.

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